I’m an independent designer, illustrator, and writer.

For the last 20 years I’ve developed user interfaces, publications, and brands for clients all over the world. I also like to write essays and make prints. I have a lot of interests, but a common thread for me is assembling bigger stories from many small details. I love to connect dots and find new relationships.

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An illustrated essay about Patapsco Valley State Park. This forest has been a constant in my life since I first stumbled into Baltimore as a student. Now I find myself introducing it to my daughter.

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Patapsco: Leaves


Prints & paintings

Over the past decade, I’ve become fascinated with printmaking. I’ve gradually developed a working process that combines digital and traditional techniques, and I’m forever exploring the complicated ways that ink and paper work together to form an image. It’s a rabbit hole I’ll probably never see the bottom of.

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Design work

My first gig was a website for an employment office in my hometown. I was lucky to get that job, and I’ve been lucky ever since; I’ve worked with many clients who do great work that I’m proud to contribute to.

Along the way I’ve followed a winding path, but branding and user interface (UX/UI) design have become specialties. I especially love the way that branding and user experience influence one another, and I love building a brand concept out into a living design system.

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