Bivee, Inc.

  • The start screen in the Tela mobile app
  • The symptom summary screen in the Tela mobile app
  • The symptoms report in the Tela mobile app

Tela was an original product launched by my agency, Bivee, in 2017. The previous year was an intense and scary one: a member of our team, Christie, was diagnosed with breast cancer. After a year of intensive treatment she went into full remission and we all breathed again.

But, along the way, Christie found herself struggling to manage her treatment. Dosed with ever-changing combinations of medications and therapies, she found it difficult to track her side effects and symptoms. On top of that, she was fighting waves of severe illness, fatigue, and the fluctuating lucidity of what she called “chemo brain”. When she met with her care team, then, she often found it hard to give accurate feedback.

Christie led our effort to create a free mobile app that helps patients and their caregivers track their symptoms. Users answered a series of questions each day in the app, and the resulting data could be exported to share with their care team. We hoped that this app would help many patients like Christie better manage their care and improve their quality of life.